I’m Brett Caron, a freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada.

I survive on content creation and thrive on fiction. Producer of web content, short stories, screenplays, flash fiction, tabletop game design, and a double agent in the Pineapple-on-Pizza War. Armed with obsessive nostalgia, a morbid fascination with pop culture, and self-diagnosed workaholism. If you think you got GIF game then come at me.

It’s a strange world we live in, but for a strange person that’s almost a relief.




Sometimes when two people love each other very much, one will spend an insane amount of time Photoshopping the other as a diaper-clad Ghostbuster.


In case you were wondering if I’m a real person or a cartoon mascot. I am bald now, so this is still kinda catfishing.