Screenwriting and Editing

I’ve worked with several Toronto-based production companies to develop screenplays for short and feature-length films. The first feature to start production is Karate Ghost, an action-comedy satire set to begin shooting in August 2019. A full list of credits can be found on my Mandy profile here.

Game Design & Writing

Palladium Books

As a longtime fan of Palladium Books and their flagship tabletop role-playing game Rifts®, I was delighted to come on as one of their regular freelancers and have contributed both writing and editing to a multitude of projects.  Frankly, it’s been a dream come true and some of the most rewarding work I’ve been involved in.

I was an editor on Rifts® Chaos Earth® Sourcebook: Resurrection, written by the talented Taylor White and Kevin Siembieda and featuring some tremendous art by Chuck Walton. I’ve contributed a series of articles to The Rifter® magazine between 2013 and 2018, and I’m the author of the upcoming sourcebook Rifts® Living Nowhere™ which will be released in 2019.

Palladium Books published my short stories A Cold Night, Dead Past and Skipping Stones in The Rifter® magazine, in issues 64 and 66 respectively.

Other Short Fiction

Trese Brothers Games

To date, I’ve published two eBooks of short fiction with Trese Brothers as part of their Star Traders universe of mobile games. The first of these was No Legacy Between the Stars, published in 2015, and the second was released in 2016 and entitled Subjective Vengeance. Both can be found on Google Play Books, iBooks, and Amazon Books for Kindle.

My story We Called It God was the winner of the 2012 LitReactor “Scare Us!” contest and received glowing feedback from Suzy Vitello and Chuck Palahniuk.



As a member of the outstanding Entertainment team at Diply from 2017 to late 2018, I produced hundreds of articles ranging from humor listicles, to trending entertainment news, and other fun content surrounding film, TV, and pop culture. My team and I consistently produced punchy, easily digestible articles that always fit the Diply brand and audience. In that time, my articles brought over 114 million unique visitors to the site. Whew!

I also collaborated with the Diply Video team to develop and produce new caption-based concepts for America’s Funniest Videos’ Life Unfiltered series on Facebook.

O2E Brands

As an analyst for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and later its parent company O2E Brands, I took on some freelance work in 2015 as a contributor to their blogging platform. I created content for three of the four O2E companies, namely 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, You Move Me, and WOW 1 DAY Painting. My LinkedIn profile has a complete list of these articles.

Huffington Post

In 2014, I contributed to the Huffington Post’s blog. Most of my featured work with HuffPo were opinion pieces on subjects ranging from eating a 2 lb burger in 1 hour, to the morality of public shaming, to the challenges and circumstances facing millennials today.


I began blogging for andPOP in 2009 as part of their Gamer’s Mind Blog. This was a mix of news, updates, game reviews, and original articles covering anything from the relationship between cinema and video games, the role of music in gaming, to the generational gap imposed by home gaming consoles instead of arcades.